Prevent folder creation in Onedrive when new channel is created in Teams

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We are seriously annoyed. Being familiar with the "folder chaos" companies can sink into over time, we have a very strict folder structure in order to minimize redundancy. However, having migrated to Microsoft just a few days ago, we are seriously annoyed that every time we create a Teams channel, a corresponding folder is created in Onedrive. Just because we want a channel about where to go for lunch, we don't necessarily want a lunch folder on our Onedrive. It just really messes things up!!!


How can I prevent this from happening?

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Unfortunately you cannot change the way Microsoft Teams manages SPO behind the scenes

Surely there must be some way to maintain order. What do large corporate companies with thousands of employees that create thousands of channels do? I can't imagine them having millions of empty folders lying around on their Onedrive / Sharepoint because somebody thought it a funny idea to create Team channels for memes, hall of fames and the like.