Prevent bad manipulations when unsync files

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My organization gives trainings about content synch, but there is always a user who forgets to Stop synch and think that deleting the folder in Windows Files Explorer have no impact.


How to create an approval Flow when a mass deletion of content is about to happen which prevents the deletion of more than 200 files by the same user for the same site on the same day for the same hour (omitting minutes and seconds)


An email could be sent to the site Owner to approve or deny the deletion. 


Nice to have : A report could also be submitted to the Site Owner if in a week users deleted 2000 files or more in a MSTeam Team.

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Why do you tell users to stop sync? Should be a simple concept, delete a file and it's gone.

(except that I believe it can be recovered)

Just tell users, if you delete it, it's gone.

@Ed Woodrick I understand that it's better to avoid sync, but sometimes it's useful and has value for my organization. My question probably involves using MS Graph. How to request approval in deletion with specifics conditions?