Presenting power point over teams meeting


We are having issue while presenting power point, on surface hub 2 we are receving error to show PPT

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@Lakshmikanth Koppuravuri what error do you see? Can you share a print screen? Only on surface hub 2?

not sure if this issue generating because of zero trust policy.
I saw the photo, but I don't understand what system is that. That is not a MS Teams window right? Can you explain a little bit more your environment? Is this affecting how many users? Have you tried over MS Teams web version?



@pedro_salvador_gomes  Sorry, I have uploaded incorrect image earlier, however error is in German( English translation :  reload to view the presentation, A problem occurred while loading the presentation, reload to report problem). 

best response confirmed by Lakshmikanth Koppuravuri (Microsoft)
In this particular case, the solution goes by:

- If you can make PPT presentations in other Hubs outside your ORG's network, then you need to contact your Network team because probably there is a blocker inside your ORG's network (policies, etc);
- As a workaround for now, you can present your PPT's as it's explained here: . Start at minute 10:45.

Hope this helps :)

@Lakshmikanth Koppuravuri I have the same issue here with my Surface Hubs and get the re-load message displayed. The different presenter modes that are now available also do not work.