Presenter mode, notes and thumbnails in Teams.

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Hi everyone,

We are looking at increasing the adoption of Teams across our company.

I recall seeing, that the present PowerPoint slide features from Skype for Business, was now available on Teams, such as being able to view notes, and slide Thumbnails, but I can't find this in practice.
Is office 2016 required, or is there an administration setting that needs to be changed, or am I just mistaken?
Thanks in advance

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You can present PowerPoint files in a meeting in Microsoft Teams but there is no option as an presenter to view thumbnails and notes during the presentation.

You don't need Office 2016 installed, actually you don't need any Office installed on your computer to present PPT in Teams, all the magic is happening server-side.

There is an option to do so in Teams, While the PPT is open in teams there is a menu at the bottom to view presenter mode. Works slick. 


One caveat if i do this from a mac running PPT 2019 the viewer on the receiving end just gets a blank white screen. 

If I do this on my windows machine it works fine. Some sort of bug that would be nice to get fixed please. 



Do you have this menu if you share your presentation in the Teams meeting?


I did not find it in my Teams.


Same, I don't see this option when I am presenting the ppt via teams. The only way I managed to make it work is by using 2 screens and sharing my second screen on Teams. This is not practical when you only have 1 screen

@AJ1975 I’m having the same problem with the remote screen going blank when you use presenter mode. Did you ever find a resolution for this?

I think I worked out that the remote screen was going blank because of security and privacy settings when sharing my desktop. When sharing the presentation using the Powerpoint option there seems to be no way to show me the speaker notes.

Hi everybody,


I managed to get this working in the following order.


  • Open your presentation in PowerPoint
  • Start the presentation
  • 'Alt+Tab' into Teams and start your call
  • Share your PowerPoint presentation window and select the presentation you just started. (Note, don't select the PowerPoint option of Teams, just select the window which is displaying the presentation)
  • 'Alt+Tab' back into the presentation window
  • Hit right click and select 'show presentater mode'
  • The best part happens now, your stream in Teams will only keep show the presentation, while you see the presenter mode
  • (Bonus trick for remote presenting: right click again on the presentation --> pointer options --> select the laser pointer. This will make your viewers very happy)


Happy presenting!




@LarsHanegraaf that sounds exactly what I want to do. Unfortunately, when I followed those steps, the other person ended up with a completely white screen. I think this is an issue with presenting from a Mac. Were you using Windows?

@MarkCrossfield That is right. To add to that, to test my set-up I used my own gear: a Windows 10 laptop with the presentation and streamed to a Teams client on an Android phone.


Edit: saw that other people already managed to get it working on a Windows laptop a few posts earlier. I was too happy to post a solution, my bad!

@LarsHanegraaf That makes sense. As @AJ1975 said… it seems to be a Mac specific problem.



This works like a charm, especially you do not have multiple monitors.


Thank you.

I tried to do exactly what you said, and still, when I go into presenters mode, my viewers see the presenters mode too. I would love to be able to use that presenters mode. Any other ideas about what I could do? @LarsHanegraaf 

@LarsHanegraaf   This is great - thanks!  I just wanted to ask if you can still see the chat box when you present this way?  Many thanks.

If you choose the share screen option, share the PowerPoint window, and then put it on presenter mode in slideshow, it works and the viewers cannot see your notes and thumbnails.
But if you upload the PowerPoint onto the meeting on Teams, you don't have any option to put the slideshow on presenter mode.
This worked very well! Thanks for sharing.

@LarsHanegraaf  I also used this method.  The problem I have been having with using this method is that the presentation appears full screen on my monitor and I can not see hand raises or chat messages when presenting.  I either have to use someone else to monitor them or use a separate device like my phone.  Am I missing something or do you have that same experience?  I am thinking I am missing something obvious!

@erikvolkHave you find a solution to this problem? I am struggling with it too.

@elagp  Unfortunately, I have not. I resorted to printing out my speakers notes and using the manual notes.