Presenter mode and Viewing a List of Participants

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Hi All,


Has anyone had a need to be in presenter mode AND look at a list of meeting Attendees?  I have users asking for this and I can't find anything ...



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There is no elegant way to this at the moment. I usually assign/ask a "helper" to keep an eye on chat and participants for me. 

With that said, multi-window support is currently in testing -

So, you will eventually be able to "pop out" windows to setup custom views.

Use a browser and connect to the meeting, you can keep an eye on the browser list, and if you have a 2nd monitor even better. But you can have two sessions in the same meeting for this.

@lisagia When you are presenting, teams will be on a small popout window. If you click on it, you can see the attendees and have full teams window. actually chat with anyone. Also if you have second monitor, you can keep your teams activity separate from presentations



I often use a second device to keep track of the chat/raised hands. Often times my ipad or iphone, but you can use whatever device you like!