Presentation not appear in Recording the video of the meeting

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Hi everyone,

At the end of the meeting and when I finish recording the video of the meeting. I note that the recorded video of the conference does not show the presentations made during the meeting as a presentation of a Word file, Machine Virtual, etc. It only shows the camera boxes of the participants.


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Yes. This seems to be an ongoing issue right now! Many people have reported this. Overall there is high load On the service due to COVID-19 and hopefully stuff like this will go away soon

Also, did you share your desktop or the window mode?

@adam deltinger Thank you for your reply.
For me I work in Window mode, I have another colleague who works in Desktop mode, but it's the same problem.

Hope it resolves soon!


Please. We just finished an important presentation and there was no presentation, only video feeds!! 🤦🏻‍:male_sign:

This just happened to us today as well! Also the video saved to OneDrive and not Stream, which was unexpected (although I do know there are plans on changing this; just didn't think it had rolled out yet!). 

this happened to me twice last week, it is simply a fault with the program? 




This happened to us this morning.  Live teams event went fine - with video working fine.  Launched PowerPoint in the pre-window and sent live.   Attendees could not see the slides and they did not record - even though we could see them moving in the window.   Any clues here?   The slide section of the meeting was not recorded - but the full video feed was.