Presence Error on Organization Tab in Teams

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I am using the "new" teams, version <span>23285.3604.2469.4152. Client version 49/23101227710.

When accessing the Organization tab from a contact in Teams, the user icons have the presence indicator.  However, everyone presence is grayed out except for your own presence -- meaning I only see my own presence on this tab, no one else's.
Presence works elsewhere in the new Teams, just not on this tab. Is this a known issue, or is this something we can fix internally?


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Yes, the issue you are describing is definitely an issue with the Organization tab in New Microsoft Teams Desktop App.

For example, Microsoft Teams on the Web are showing statuses of all members in the Organizatation tab.

I recommend sending a Feedback to Microsoft from your Teams Desktop App.

You can do that by klicking on the ... in Microsoft Teams --> Help --> Give Feedback



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