Presence based routing & Busy on Busy on Call Queues

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Has any one experience with using Presence Based Routing for call queues? We've setup round-robin call-queues, but the presence based routing doesn't switch on, so if users are busy etc... it ignores this and calls the user anyway.


Also, has anyone enabled busy-on-busy for users in a call queue, does it work? This was a way to at least stop Teams ringing when a user is currently on a call.


Thanks for any input!


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As per my understanding in case the user sets the status as busy the call will still ring. Until the user is in a call or in a conference call status or in a DND Status the call will not ring in the call queue. Any other status the call will surely hit the user in the call queue.

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Thanks, yes, that's what we're seeing but even when the user is in a call then they will still get the new call ringing, so really it's ignoring all presence states of the user and forcing the client to ring.



Open a case with Microsoft Support to check with the Behavior. For the users who are already in call the call should be skipped atleast. Could be a Bug in the Microsoft Call Queue.


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Satish U 

Will do, thanks.

@sp-jmglade  did anything ever come of opening that ticket?  We're having the same issue after moving over to Teams.

We have switched on Busy on Busy (with the option users unanswered settings). We have a Call Queue with Round Robin and Presence Based routing swithced on. We did some tests and the Call queue was still ringing users who were in a Call. This is what we want for call queues.
But now we have another case where Attendant routing is setup with Presence-base routing switched off. When all Agents are in a meeting, they don't receive any calls anymore because of the Busy-on Busy. We actually don't want Busy on Busy to affect the Call Queues. Can anybody explain how Busy on Busy exactly affects the CQ's?