Premade message on desktop/taskbar for Teams

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This idea may be unique. I am using Teams for work, and I am looking for a way to create a desktop icon that could be pinned to the taskbar that would consist of a premade message. When I click on the icon, the premade message will be sent to a specific chat. Can someone help me with this?


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Or you could use Microsoft Flow is also a option.
Thank you for the reply Vasil. This looks to be a good option, but I don't know too much about coding and how to run the code. I believe I can figure out the coding part of it as it's documented in the link that you provided. Can you provide instructions on how to run the code from the desktop and/or taskbar?
Thank you Paul for your reply as well. Microsoft Flow Power Automate is another good option. I've looked into this some, but I cannot find the right Trigger. I found the Step for 'Post message in a chat or channel', which is perfect for what I need. Do you know of a Trigger that can be placed on the desktop or taskbar to activate the 'Post message in a chat or channel' step?
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You can simply have it as a PowerShell script or similar, then place it as shortcut icon on your desktop. If you go with the Flow route, you can use an "instant" trigger I suppose. And you might also check the options Teams Bot framework offers you. At the end of the day, all these solutions will use the underlying Graph API endpoints, so you do need to have some basic understanding of how they work. More importantly, the required inputs (team/channel id or chatid, etc).