Pre-load content to breakout rooms and chat only with meeting attendees

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Hi all,


I know the answers to both of these questions are probably not currently but is it possible to:


01. Pre-load content into a breakout room and

02. Chat only with meeting attendees. 


Context: We have a company meeting where over 100 people are invited however in most situations 25 - 40 people attend. During the session there is an exercise in breakout rooms. Ideally we would like to pre-load content into the meeting rooms rather than having to enter each room and share the content. Is this possible? 


Also, we would like to chat only to those that have attended the meeting. When the chat is used it is with the 100 people that have been invited. While people can leave the chat we don't want them seeing some of the content that is shared via chat. We would like them to come to their own session with a fresh perspective. 


Any work arounds or thoughts are greatly appreciated. 



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