Powershell to get name of CQ and the Call Answering Method and Name of Team / Users-Groups

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Do you have a script that gives me the name of the CallQueue and the call answering method

- Team

- Chose users and groups

What I would also need the name of Team or "Chose users and groups"

Do you have such a script
Thank you very much

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Hi @JFM_12,

here is an example code you could use:

# Import the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module
Import-Module MicrosoftTeams

# Get a list of all Call Queues
$callQueues = Get-CsCallQueue -Filter *

# Iterate through each Call Queue
foreach ($cq in $callQueues) {
    Write-Host "Call Queue Name: $($cq.DisplayName)"
    # Get Call Answering Method
    $answeringMethod = Get-CsCallQueueInfo -Identity $cq.Identity
    Write-Host "Call Answering Method: $($answeringMethod.CallAnsweringMethod)"

    # Check if the answering method is 'Team'
    if ($answeringMethod.CallAnsweringMethod -eq "Team") {
        $team = Get-CsTeam -GroupId $cq.GroupId
        Write-Host "Team Name: $($teamName)"
    } else {
        # Get the users and groups if not using 'Team'
        $usersGroups = Get-CsCallQueueAgent -Identity $cq.Identity
        Write-Host "Users/Groups:"
        foreach ($userGroup in $usersGroups) {
            Write-Host " - $($userGroup.AgentId)"
    Write-Host "--------------------------------------"

# Disconnect from Microsoft Teams


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Leon Pavesic

Hello Leon
Hope you are having a great time.
Thank you very much
Doese give me if a Teams or a group/distribution group was used?

I tried to run the script but the terms "Get-CsCallQueueAgent" and "Get-CsCallQueueInfo" do not exist according to the output
Thank you for your reply