PowerShell script for reading team information

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With a PowerShell script, the following information should be stored in a csv file:

- Team name
- Teams channels
- Team members
- Teams owner
- All files in a team channel incl. owner and with whom this file was shared


Is especially the last point possible to implement? who can help?

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Hi, @MNa you can use the below Graph PowerShell script to read teams information to satisfy your needs.


$teams = Get-MgGroup -Filter "resourceProvisioningOptions/Any(x:x eq 'Team')"
foreach ($team in $teams){$teamName = $team.DisplayName
    $teamId = $team.Id
    Write-Host "Team Name: $teamName"
    $GroupOwner = get-mggroupowner -GroupId $teamId| Select AdditionalProperties
    $hashtable = $GroupOwner.AdditionalProperties
    Write-Host "Team Owner: $($hashtable.displayName) `n"
    $channels = Get-MgTeamChannel -TeamId $teamId
    foreach ($channel in $channels) {$channelName = $channel.DisplayName
        Write-Host "Channel Name: $channelName `n"
        $members = Get-MgTeamChannelMember -TeamId $teamId -ChannelId $channel.Id
        foreach ($member in $members) {
            Write-Host "Member: $($member.DisplayName)"
         $messages = Get-MgTeamChannelMessage -TeamId $TeamId -ChannelId $channel.Id
         foreach ($message in $messages) {
             foreach ($attachment in $message.Attachments) {
                    $fileName = $attachment.Name
                    $user = Get-MgUser -UserId $message.From.User.Id
                    Write-Host "File Name: $fileName"
                    Write-Host "Sent by: $($user.DisplayName) `n"            
    }Write-Host "`n`n"


Further more, to get additional information on creating new team, modifying teams, managing channels and more using Graph PowerShell, refer the following blog: https://m365scripts.com/microsoft-teams/top-10-cmdlets-to-manage-teams-using-microsoft-graph-powersh...


@Thiraviam5316thank you!

I am facing the next challenge:



Can you help me further, which role or settings are necessary besides Global Admin? And where these roles must be assigned?


@MNa You must connect to the Microsoft Graph PowerShell with the required scopes for accessing the channel member: ChannelMember.Read.All, ChannelMember.ReadWrite.All
For eg,
Connect-MgGraph -Scopes "ChannelMember.Read.All, ChannelMember.ReadWrite.All"

After Connecting to the Graph PowerShell, you can run the script to get the Teams report.