PowerShell - Group Policy for UnansweredDelay/Ring for this many seconds before redirecting to VM

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I need to set a group policy that reflects an unanswered delay of 10 seconds before forwarding calls to voicemail. Setting this for a single user is pretty straightforward, but I’m struggling to find a way to set this as a CsTeamsCallingPolicy where "AllowVoicemail": "AlwaysEnabled" can be set, but not locked into a 30 second duration. Is this not something that can be done? 

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Hi @LAZMary ,

it should be possible to configure this by PowerShell:

Configure call settings for your users


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Yes, this details how to implement for a single user, but I need to apply a 10sec setting for a group.
You can write a PowerShell script to get members of a group by Azure AD PowerShell module and assign the settings per member by using a ForEach loop, for example.
Awesome - I think you just introduced me to my missing piece of the puzzle. Thanks!!