PowerPoint slides do not animate in Teams recording

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I have recorded a presentation with lovely animations, but when I play it back, the animations haven't happened 'on the click' as I had intended. Instead the presentation just plays with the full page with all pictures/icons on screen right from the start.


Also, I have pressed 'enable computer sound' before uploading and recording, but the sound has not come through on the recording at all.


Will be grateful for any help you can give please,


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Just so I'm clear, when you say you have recorded a presentation - do you mean you have made a video of you delivering the slide deck?

Or are you running through the slide deck whilst sharing your screen in a teams meeting?



Hi Peter - yes, not within an actual Teams meeting - just me talking through the slide deck, recording it, and then hoping that I would have a training session ready to post (with the carefully prepared animations and sound though!).



I held a training session with 45+ people in attendance. I walked the participants through a PowerPoint presentation with animations. Nothing fancy here, just text boxes, arrows, and pictures that popped up and then hid on next mouse click. I've confirmed with the participants that they saw the animations as I intended during the live presentation. However, the recording does not show animations and instead only shows the full slide, which without animations is impossible to read and understand. In addition to Teams not recording as I actually presented, it doesn't show any of the chat history from the recording either. 

Are there settings that I am not aware of within Teams to address this issue? I am upset because this was a very big training event with intentions of all new hires watching this recorded training, but as it's recorded now it won't be usable. 


Please help. 

@CalebBadley I just experienced the same thing. Used the new PowerPoint Live feature for multiple live Teams webinar sessions and recorded the sessions for staff who were unable to attend, only to find that slides with animations were not captured as displayed, but as the whole mess all at once, like the slides look when not in presentation mode. 



Just to at least assure you that you are not alone. My presentation looks very flat without the animations which I played to the audience! Can someone help us please as this must be a regular expectation, that our recordings reflect the live session.

I have just recently experienced the same thing. PowerPoint Live within MS Teams has not been reliable for my previous training sessions. We require those who couldn't attend to review the recording, so naturally I am stuck wasting time editing the recording.

It appears that the recording reveals all animated objects at once (as it would appear in the PowerPoint file) although attendees could see the animations just fine during the call. I've submitted this as a bug to MS Teams, but for now, I'm going to return to sharing Presenter View during Teams meetings.

@PeteHeibel After pondering this, it seems that the way the slides are sharing is a different mechanism than the old way, which was just sharing your screen or window. The name "PowerPoint Live" is probably the cue that it works for live presentations, but is not suitable for recording the sessions for later viewing. Not sure that it is really a bug that can be fixed. I think it is a limitation for the tool and we just need to choose how we are going to share a slideshow based on if it is live only or if it must be recorded. I feel like they should have explicitly stated this, but I suppose the "live" part of the name is supposed to imply that. Lesson learned. It is a nice feature for live only. 



Thanks for replying. That's an interesting point you make. I suppose I assumed it was just a smoother, cleaner way to share a PowerPoint presentation allowing multiple presenters to share with ease and to host the window within Teams rather than trying to figure out which window to share. Perhaps it is intended for another purpose, but as you point out, it is not very clear if that is the case.





Thank you for the key to my problem about my animations not happening on recording. Please can you tell me how to ensure I do the recording on 'presenter view' so that my animations all happen. Teams always pops up now as 'PP live' - how to alter that?


Many thanks,


@Janet1912 Hi. I had this same issue. Instead of using the 'PowerPoint Live' presenter mode. I instead chose 'share window' and selected the open PowerPoint presentation, you can still do presenter mode etc.







I had the same problem, but I managed to record a presentation with the transitions effects to be seen when played back. I did not use the PowerPointLive option in the sharing option, but shared my screen instead, having the slides in the background open, I maximised PowerPoint and started the presentation.

It took a bit longer but for the sake of the transition effect it was worth it, I then trimmed the video at the end.

hope that helps



Really grateful for that, and it's good to know I'm not alone. Have just tried your suggestion, and yes, using the Desktop, the animations are buzzing beautifully on the recording. So tempting though to record a podcast on the PowerPoint Live - don't!

Does anyone know if Microsoft is considering resolving this issue yet? I tested once again, but the animations still don't translate to the recording.

Just here to say that as of March 2023, this is still an issue and a major failure. This seems like a significant bug in the Teams product. At the *very least* it's a massive and undocumented violation of user expectations.

Had to do a complex technical training so spent days preparing slides that I could step through and incrementally introduce concepts to build off one another, all the while pointing to the concepts I was discussing with the cursor. The people in the meeting could see all this but the recording couldn't so the video is next to useless as a reference they can come back to now. VERY ANNOYING

Lots of people are agreeing here with the requirement, please take the time to vote for the feature on the feedback portal to help get Microsoft's attention.


This looks like a sensible feature request - Allow recording with capture whiteboards, annotations, shared notes or content shared in the stage v...


Feedback portal is also where you'll hear feedback from Microsoft. When I last spoke with the PPT Live product teams they were well aware of all these issue, so probably just need our help to prioritise the work to develop it.