PowerPoint Live Embedded streaming video do not play on some viewers

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I used PowerPoint live for the first time yesterday to share Vimeo videos embedded into a Powerpoint presentation.   The video did not play for 2/9 guests (outside our company).  Any suggestions on possible root cause is appreciated.   Thanks in advance. 

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We've heard reports of that happening but I do not have a solution to offer at this time. Anyone else?
Well, current implementation of PowerPoint Live does not guarantee you are going to have a 100 % fidelity compared to the original PowerPoint presentation. Also having different behaviors depending on the attendee is not so uncommon in my experience and there is not way to know why this happens

@Brian_M_Smith  I'm interested in a solution for this as well. PowerPoint live is great for company meetings, but if the video isn't going to play automatically for end users, this is a huge drawback. The user can click on the video to start it, but that isn't collaborative. 

@ashleylords , thanks for your reply.  So far, I have not identified potential root causes or solutions.   Our current workaround is to share the URL for the streaming video and wait for people to watch the video.   Less than ideal. 

This never used to work and then it did but over the past two weeks it seems to work for some and not others. It is not whether you have joined a meeting through the App or Web which is the cause of some video playback issues. it must be something that teams have done to change it from working to not, it is really annoying as it should be a simple fix. Another annoying point is that animations do not work as well from presenting a power point from within teams. I know that you can share a desk top but then you loose viewing contact with the course attendees. All of this needs sorting ASAP. very frustrating!

I've embedded a YouTube video into a presentation and when presenting using PowerPoint Live in MS Teams the audience see a black screen but the video plays fin for me as the presenter. Does anyone have any tips to fix this?
@Ash Williams your black screen issue might be related to your slide using a transparent background. Check out shaynetrain's post in this thread: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/video-recordings-with-powerpoint-live-in-team...