PowerBI viewing tab in Microsoft Teams

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We like to share a dashboard with team members via teams to collaborate and view the project status.

To do that we bought one PowerBI pro license for the reporter in this company and to unlock the possibility to share content to the teams tab. In the attachment i places several use scenarios


Only PowerBi Pro users can view the published reports in teams.

Full Rights are on M365 group. I also added the group members as individual users with the same full rights to check if something is wrong on group level. 


Error  "get report failed"


Anyone knowing how to resolve the issues?

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@ChristiaanCAD If i understood this right, the answer is that all users that shall be able to view the Report must have a Pro-license and the access to the report is set on the report, not on the O365 Group/Team.

Recently my users started seeing the same error message when trying to view Power BI reports in their respective Teams sites. I checked the users licenses and they all have Power BI pro license assigned. This is very strange and dont know how to solve this yet.