Power Virtual Agent Chat Bot

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I have created a virtual chatbot last Monday and was able to share and publish it.


When someone wants to access it under Built for your org, the error comes out


The app may not exist, or your organization may have disallowed you from using it


The channel Security settings are set to my organization already


Tried Teams via browser and client but same error 

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I had a chatbot i didn't publish, i was testing it for weeks and suddenly today ran into the same issue.

All permissions org wise etc are valid. Could be some sort of outage?

@RWatts375  Probably there's an issue.


If I go to Apps > Home. The Built for your org is not showing automatically which I can see any time when accessing the Apps in Teams.


I will wait for few more days. Hoping it is just a syncing issue

I am getting the same thing even on one I created today.