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I want to know how to set up NPI Marketing Check List in Microsoft Teams Channel.  


I want to Automate Process (want your expertise on which tool/app would best to use)?


I need the Approval Flow Sign Off added after each is completed their part.  I also want to plug in the owners for each phase that will trigger notication is sent.


There will be 6 Phases to get the Launch a New Family in 15 Days.

Phase 1. Factory Release Tags

Phase 2. Launch Priorities & Launch Dates Set

Phase 3. Marketing Criteria Rules

  • Marketing Criteria Rules (4 – 5 Working Days)
    Family Creation (5 Working Days)
    Mod Creation (5 Working Days)
    Image Creation 5 Working Days)
    PD Pages (5 Working Days)
    MOD Pricing (4-5 Working Days)
    Warranty Set Up (2 to 3 Working Days)
    System & SnP
    Promos (2 to 3 Working Days)

Phase 4. Audit (System Audit) 5 Working Days

  • Audit (Warranting and Promos) 5 Working Days

Phase 5. Strikethrough Pricing

Phase 6. Launch Product


Also it will be important to set up Actual Release Date

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