Post Image to Teams channel from local path using python

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Hi All, 


I am trying to post an image(.png) to Microsoft teams channel using webhooks but i am seeing empty box in channel instead of image using below code. Please let me know if there any solution to fix this.

myMessageSection   = pymsteams.cardsection()
myMessagemessage = pymsteams.connectorcard("webhook url")


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Hello @syamsundhar   Since there has been no response yet from this community, I recommend that you contact Microsoft support or, where support agents are available to help troubleshoot issues until resolution.

Thanks @ThereseSolimeno, just did that hope i will get response.
Hey, did you get any response or work around

@Sagarprajapati , you cant post image using python.

@syamsundhar, is there any other way to post images to teams channel.?