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I can post to a Teams channel by email. I tested sending messages from various addresses, it always works.


I set up a rule in Outlook to automatically forward certain messages to the Teams channel address. The rule is working, in that I see the forwarded messages in my Outlook Sent Mail folder, and the To-address is correct.


However, the messages are not appearing in the Teams channel. I suspect that they are being rejected somewhere, but cannot find where it is happening or why. When I look at the sent message in Outlook, it displays a status line showing that the message was auto-forwarded. Could it be that Teams is reading this header and rejecting the post?


Is anyone able to successfully autoforward messages from Outlook (or rather, Exchange 2016) to Teams?



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I wonder if it might be that many orgs prohibit forwarding a mail to an external sender! The channel address is external! Do you have admin privilagies?
Kind of think Adam might be on to the issue here. Try setting up your auto forward to an external personal address, see if you get it there. If so then that probably isn't the issue, but if you don't then company policy may be nabbing these. However you would think there would be an NDR but can't recall from my Exchange days.

We had similar problems when I was trying to send from Powershell to a channel. At first, I had to send the email to myself, then I used a rule to forward it to the channel. That did work.


Since the email address was considered 'external, Exchange blocked it. Our Exchange admin had to create an 'Exchange Send Connector' to allow to be considered like an internal address.




Yes, of course....

The issue is not with Teams, but with Exchange not allowing auto-forward to an external domain. Obvious now that you've pointed it out :)  but I was seeing Teams (falsely) as an internal application, because it's part of our Office 365 landscape.

Many thanks to all respondees!

you're welcome :)


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In my situation we have email restrictions in our Teams Channels so that only specific domains can send emails to them. In Teams this restriction also seems to apply to forwarding emails from domains not on your domains whitelist. I have testing forwarding emails to a Teams Channel that were from my office colleagues and ones that were from external contacts. The forwarded emails from the external contacts never reach the Teams Channel.


It looks like you need to remove any email domain restrictions for Teams Channels if you want to forward external emails to your Teams Channels.