Possible to chat with a personal (free) account

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Our organization has MS Teams and it seems to be working fine for us. However we would also like to communicate/chat with other MS Teams users who are not on the paid plan. Some of them are using the free version of MS Teams. Is there anyway to do a chat?


In Chat, we try to create a new chat and search for the email address linked to the user's Microsoft account but seems that the account cannot be found - "We didn't find any matches". 


Is it even possible to chat?  External access has been enabled.


Thank you for your help.

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@Boon Leong Ong Hello, when external access is enabled you should at least be able to see this prompt. How long ago since you enabled external access?




You can also verify your settings using this article 

Manage external access (federation) - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Now there's no Teams admin center for the other Teams free org. but open federation is the default setting so should be all good.

Hi yes, we do get that prompt but after clicking on "Search xxxxx externally" it will appear we didn't find any matches. The access has been granted for a few weeks ago.

I will go try removing all the domains in the external access page see whether that is causing the issue. Will update here. Thank you for your reply!