Possible to change interface settings

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Hi there everyone,


As this is my last resort in getting the right information or help I will get straight to the point.


Currently I'm  working on a business case for a healthcare client. It's called Virtual Rounding: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/healthcare-and-life-sciences/virtual-rounding-using-microsoft...)


While working out this solution, i ran into some limitations regarding Microsoft Teams (Teams is the platform this Power Apps application is running on) which led me to a view questions:


  1. The way Microsoft Teams is set up right now, after you get a call from someone in Teams and you accept the call, you get into this next screen where you can choose a couple of settings regarding camera, microphone etcetera. Is it possible to skip this screen after you accepted the call and get in the call straight away?
  2. Another notification popup is the one which we all see in the right down corner of your screen (laptop/PC) when you get a call. Is it possible to hide this screen from not showing at all?


I hope to get some helpful information regarding this.

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