Possible to add Teams app other place than under a tab?

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As I understand, when developing an app for Teams in it´s displayed in a tab under a channel.


Is there any way to not keep it in channel, and instead the user will find it when pressing the More button?


Se my attached picture. Thanks!

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You can publish the app to the store, so users can use it as a personal app, as well as in meetings and add it in a team. Microsoft has a great deal of resources and documentation about this Adam
Thanks for quick reply. My question was weather if I can add an app in Teams to a place where the users does not have to go to a channel?
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No, there is not a way. The "..." in your screenshot allows to discover Apps that you actually either pin to your users in the Admin Center or are available to the Teams Store. The "..." is not intended to provide access to an App added as Tab to a specific channel in a Team.

@Juan Carlos González MartínSo it´s only possible to add Apps to a specific channel, is that correct? (And not a to a more generic place).



Depends on the kind of App you are creating. If your App is going to be deployed as a Tab, then you cannot have it in the "...". If you are creating a Personal App that can have tabs, then you can have it in the "..."