Polycom Trio 8800 with Teams


Updated the Polycom Trio 8800 to Teams, works great with one major exception.


There is no ability to simply dial a phone number. You can teams call or address book dial, but no dial pad option. With the Yealink Phone, this works great. Does this have a solution?

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I too am having the same issue with our 8800 devices configured to Teams. This option was there until very recently. All have latest firmware.

@neilcarden very interesting! I was wondering if this was a settings issue, but sounds like a bigger problem.


Kind of a big deal to lose this function. Do you have a support case by chance?

Hi, no I only noticed it today and haven’t really had chance to look into it or follow it up. I may raise a support call next week. It is a bit odd though.

@Fred Franks 

We have a bit of headway, have you changed the user you are using on the device to Teams only in the Teams Admin portal? I have just changed this and the calls button has re-appeared!

I've come into the office this morning, and the 'calls' button has disappeared again...

Very strange. I’ve had zero issues with the Yealink conference phone. Which also had the Teams firmware months ahead of the Trio.

@Fred Franks 

Ours have been very stable since I last made changes.

So make sure they are Teams only in the Teams Admin Portal, when signing in use 'Shared account'. Since then its never asked for password on wake up, it shows all meetings and has the dial pad icon to make calls... We have three of these and they're all in the same expected state now.

Hope that helps.


@Fred Franks  - Where can I download firmware for Polycom Trio 8800 to work on Microsoft Teams?



Resurfacing this article 3 years later since I came across it having the same problem.  I want to share my workaround so other people know how to fix this.  You have two options: Teams profile but no PSTN calling, or PSTN calling (SIP Generic profile) but no Teams app.

For the Polycom Trio 8800, even though it has a "Teams" profile and Polycom considers it to be Teams Certified, it's not.  The Teams profile functionality will work as a Teams user with most Teams functionality, except you will NOT be able to make outgoing PSTN calls and you will not have a dial pad.  The only way to make this possible is to reformat the phone with a GENERIC profile (not Teams) and follow Microsoft's documentation for setting up a common area SIP phone.  It takes away the Teams app and features with it, but it turns the Trio into a standard phone that allows incoming and outgoing PSTN calls. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/sip-gateway-configure#provision-and-enroll-sip-devic...