Polycom Trio 8800 Inbound call not Ringing

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Hi Team-


We have deployed around 6 Trio 8800's around my plant.  Since arrival, we could not upgrade to the latest firmware because the inbound calls would not ring the device.  It has only worked correctly using the BETA firmware.  Until recently the BETA firmware has started crashing and dropping calls forcing us to upgrade.  Now that we have, inbound is still broken.  I have tried every firmware they offer and no fix.  Their support is not the best, either.


Outbound calling works fine.  Internal or External


Anyone else out there using the Trio 8800? And it is working/ or not working correctly?

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@Marcus804We have just encountered this problem as well.

We have enabled Enterprise Voice in our NY site and inbound calls to the Trio does work but no ringer tone is heard.


Looking for a root cause atm