Polycom Group Series and Teams with RealConnect for Office 365 - experiences?

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Hello!  Has anyone here successfully integrated a Polycom infrastructure with Teams using RealConnect for Office 365 or RealConnect for Clariti?  Looking for your thoughts on user experience, ease of use, etc.  For example, do you have full meeting control like audience mute, individual mute and meeting roster from a GroupSeries connected through one of these two interop solutions?  Or do you just get basic join / leave controls similar to the legacy interop solution?  Do the codecs join as individual users or do they join a VMR, then a single VMR joins the Teams meeting?  Is there audio in the content sharing?



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@David Phillips 

The Recon Group posted a promising review of this here:





This short video clip includes highlights from Recon Research's hands-on testing of a pre-release version of Polycom's RealConnect service for Microsoft Teams.

@David Phillips  we have one problem when join with Polycom group 500,

When presenter is mute all and present some Data like PPT etc. then we can't able to unmute with remote, otherwise someone not present anything and mute all then showing Muted.#6 to unmute. and it's work, when we press #6# VC will unmute, i am also attached some snap that maybe you understand.



when you find some solution pls suggest.