Poly x50 video call - no video.

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Hi - wondered if anyone could help. Ive got a call open with Poly (for weeks now) but had no answer to my question. As above if i start a video call on our x50 i see my own video feed in the bottom corner but, in the main screen i just see the other users login avatar (or their initials in the round circle). Ive read that this is Teams deciding theres not enough bandwidth so disables the video but even if we do a test and an internal video call its no different. Has anyone else had this or, even managed to fix it??


Thanks to anyone that takes a punt.




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Just to add to this (hopefully it might jog someones memory) i was doing some testing last week and it appears that the problem is the video going outward (ie from our x50) incoming video is fine. If i use the toggle on the touchpanel to switch the camera on and off - at the other end the user sees the contact logo change size as its toggled.
Fixed. Pulled power to both the panel and the X50 at the same time. Left off for 5 mins then powered back up. Turn it off and on again!! :)
Long Time Poly user here.
This sadly has been an issue with the X Series since Teams has launched. I've had multiple tickets open with MS on this issue. Each issue reportedly resolved with an update, but then appears again. I've seen this on both the X30 and X50. I currently have a ticket open for this again on the X30 and was supposed to be resolved on 3.13. We have an X50 on 3.13 having this issue. This has been a reoccurring issue for well over a year and MS obviously doesn't have the expertise to identify and properly resolve the issue.

@RHoover Wow - well, thats good to know - many thanks for the reply...at least its an easy fix but, a bit of a pain as you physically have to pull the power..!

@Comfysofa Instead of pulling the power you can also restart the device through the web interface.

Yep - tried that a few times....didnt work for me....