Poly X50 & TC8 - V3.2.2 No Outgoing Video

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We're seeing an issue where some users can see video some of the time. Most of the time users see the room's initials. We've tried turning outgoing video on and off as well as rejoining the meeting, which doesn't help. If the user presents and video switches to the mini-player, the video is visible. Within TAC there are two sessions for the room, both with video/audio sources. When we unplug the TC8, video is far more reliable. It seems with the new update, I'm guessing here, that the TC8 is seen as a video source? I've logged a ticket, and I think there is development work needed. But want to understand if others have seen this issue, and possibly fixed?

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@TomSmart We also have the exact same issue. We need Microsoft and Poly to collaborate and sort this issue out ASAP. 

@oldroyalnavalcollege I've updated to 3.5, that resolves the no video issue. A new one that I'm investigating is that the TC8 appears to automatically mute the microphone every time when joining calls/meetings. Oddly enough, again, the unit works as intended when you unplug the TC8.

We are also on 3.5 and, for a time, had thought the video issue had been resolved but it has since returned to haunt us.

When you say “unplug the TC8”, do you mean you are, instead, using the Poly in “partner mode” or that you have the TC8 in play for part of the connection journey but then pull it at a certain point?

We are keen to look into work-arounds.
It being paired but plugged has been working for us. Have you had issues where the microphone was muted on every join? Concerned to hear that the issue is recurring :(
We did a test yesterday where we unplugged the TC8 entirely and instead used a Perixx wireless USB keyboard and mouse with the X50. With that setup we couldn’t make it fail. On one occasion we noticed all attendees except the X50 could see the feed from a particular attendee but once we got them to cycle their camera the X50 then picked it up. Clearly, that’s a separate issue but also worth reporting. We are going to pull the TC8 from all our meeting spaces and test them thoroughly with the wireless keyboard and mouse instead. We’d rather it worked reliably and consistently than had some kind of clunky tablet interface that could just have easily have been an iOS or Android app for any phone or tablet.