Poly x30/x50 with TC8 and MFA?

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We have acquired a few of these devices and we are trying to make a process for our local IT dept. to provision these devices in easiest way possible.


We use Microsoft MFA on our accounts, so our first hurdle is to enable the Exchange meeting room, set a password and remove MFA. Obviously, we don´t want to share this password with the Local IT, so we can deploy it with the device logon portal.


This seems to work fine for the device itself, but on the TC8 we do not have an option to do this, so it seems that the only option there is to share the password? I tried an App password, but that did not work.


How are others dealing with this in a restrictive corporate environment ?

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@Eric Marsi , can you assist here?

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@ThereseSolimeno Hi, thanks for tagging @Eric Marsi , but my issue is actually solved since last Tuesday when Poly released firmware 3.5. This new firmware allows for TC8 registration via devicelogon like the main devices. Works really well. 


If anyone else has this issue, I therefore recommend this new Firmware.

Hi @kulfsson, Could you please share any documentation or insights on device logon?