Poly Studio X50 Non-urgent Status for Firmware Update of 3.7

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Dear Microsoft. I have updated my Poly Studio X50 to the new Firmware Version 3.7. The strange thing is, that the Teams Admin Center set the Device to Non-urgent Status and provides a Firmware Updates with following Information --> Current = New version, which seams to be a BUG. If you release the Firmware Update, the Poly Studio X50 random try to update the Firmware and the status under History stays as "In progress".  The only step to cancel the random Update, is to delete the Device Registration in TAC and Azure AD (Devices) and re-register the device.


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Oct 7, 2021, 10:50 AM


This IS a BUG in the Teams Admin Center. Microsoft , please fix this Issue as soon as possible.


Many thanks


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I have the same problem with all our Poly X30/X50 devices in TAC. Also, all the pre-defined Tags that I created for the devices got cleared out. It would be great if someone from Microsoft would reply to this post with a solution?

We have the same issue, and if TAC tries to carry out the update that it doesn't need to do the X50 gets stuck in a constant update loop. This really needs to be addressed urgently.

And the tags have also been wiped.