Poly E70 Camera Not Working

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Hello Teams Community, 


We've recently purchased several Poly G7500 Teams Rooms systems, with Poly E70 cameras, to use with Teams.


We're unable to get the camera to work for Teams meetings.


Please Can you help?


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I'm not sure I understand, the G7500 isn't a Teams Room System, it's a standards based VC solution. The E70 camera is Team certified so if you plugged it directly into a laptop directly then it should function as a camera for Teams but I doubt that's what you wanted. If you want a Teams Room System then you would have a Poly GC8 control screen connected to a Lenovo or Dell mini PC (as the codec if you like). You can connect a standards based VC like the G7500 if you have an interop service like Poly Real Connect, but it's not really the best possible experience. Certified Teams Meeting Room devices are all listed here - >

Hi Steven, 


Thank you for your reply.

The Poly G7500 also supports Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, and I believe the Teams support is currently in preview.  


I was under the impression that we should be able to use a G7500 and E70 for Teams now if we set the users to preview mode.



The problem is that we have a G7500 with an E70 camera running the “Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android” application.

It is signed in to Teams and everything works, except that the camera feed shows a blank black screen rather than video from the E70.

This is the problem we’re trying to fix. Is this a supported configuration, and if not, can you tell me when it will be supported?

According to Poly, this configuration is ready for use, but it is pending certification by Microsoft.

Can you tell me when this certification will be complete and when we will be able to use this equipment?

@IBN Well, Poly would be the people to ask, they will be working with Microsoft on certification.


But anyway, certification isn't going to be blocking the camera from working if the Teams app is present on the device. If it is Teams Meeting Rooms on Android then it will be up to Poly to ensure it all works with each other, even after its certified.

Are all the purchased devices not working or just few?
thanks for your help
Yes all purchased devices

@IBN We have the exact same setup. The G7500 together with the E70 is still not Teams certified. You will need to choose a different camera as a temporary solution.