Poly CCX Models Missing "Auto Answer" when using Teams Base Profile

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Working with a customer that currently uses the VVX models deskphones as a paging solution in their environment. (Example here) This requires the Auto Answer functionality to be available. They are migrating to Microsoft Teams as their phone system and would like to replace their current VVX models with a CCX model for the paging solution they currently have in place.


Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a "Auto Answer" functionality on the CCX models with Teams Base profile.  I did attempt to modify the configuration file with the attribute "call.autoAnswer.SIP="1"" but the phone ignores that modification.  One important thing to note, when the CCX is switched to using the Skype for Business Base profile, the auto answer functionality is present. Poly support has directed me to Microsoft because they said this was a feature of the Microsoft Teams App on the Android phone. 


Is there any expectation to include this functionality in the CCX Models with the Teams base or a way to enable this feature using the configuration file?

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@JBoslooper_Magenium We are using the same for paging with VVX.  Now that SfBO is going away, we need a solution.  I tried the SIP gateway, but now the phone won't let me sign into the resource account.  So thought I'd try the CCX and see that auto-answer is missing.  Any luck finding a solution?