Polls in Microsoft Teams

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I have Microsoft Teams App as a college faculty member. I want to use polls in Microsoft Teams. I can't create a pre-meeting poll because there is no calendar icon on the left side of my screen. I can't create a poll in a live meeting because there is no poll icon on the top or underneath the chat. 

1) Are polls available for use for people with educational accounts?

2) If not, can I purchase a version of Teams so it has this function?



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Hello, it would really help to know which subscription you use to answer your questions. Do you know or can you check? Also verify with your educational IT admin if you're under any form of app permission policy, if Forms is enabled for your tenant, if you have a license which includes Forms and if Forms is enabled on your account.

Assuming you're on a eligible [faculty] subscription with all prerequisites you can use Forms, consequently polls. Forms itself is actually free to use for anyone using a Microsoft account (not saying all can use polls in Teams).

@ChristianBergstrom One of our staff received an email from MS saying that polls are now available on Teams. It also shows that there is a Poll icon below the chat window. I'm aware that a poll can be created with Forms, but is the Poll icon any different to creating a poll with Forms, or is it a separate feature? Our users are on a 365 E3 subscription.

Hello, the quick polls you mention (ad-hoc) are part of Forms. I am attaching this for some more detailed info https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/poll-attendees-during-a-teams-meeting-9923b7d4-ea97-4aa2-...
Hi, I just noticed that Forms do not appear in private channels. Try using the General channel.