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Hello Techhelp


When I’m in a Team meeting (not on a channel) I can launch a quick poll (Forms) or start the Forms bot (@Forms), by clicking on the 3 dots in het meeting chat.

When I’m in a Team meeting in a Teams Channel nothing happens when I’m clicking on the 3 dots in the meeting chat. I cannot start the bot either.

Is it because my Organisation is blocking these extra options? Something that is disabled by the admins? Or are these options not available in Team Channel Meetings?

In both cases I am the meeting organizer.


Thanks in advance for clarifying

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Hi, I'm pretty sure Polls in channel meetings are still being worked on. But if I recall correctly it should be available rather soon.


In the meantime, please vote on this item in Uservoice: Allow Live Polls in Channel Meetings – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

thank you!
No worries! Will update this post if I find something new (can't verify it which I normally do).

It’s so confusing because in a Teams Channel post/chat we can use them.
I always thougt that when it is possible to use it on a post in a Teams channel, it can also be used in the chat of the teams channel meeting. All is stored in the same place, the channel post.
Keep me posted :smile:

Do we know if this is being considered? Any updates?

@ChristianJBergstrom any updates on this? We would love to use polls in channel meetings as well.


This is a very round about, patchwork way to do polls in Channel meetings. Let it be clear that currently you cannot use apps like Poll everywhere, Kahoot, or even Microsoft's own Forms in channel meetings, directly from within the channel chat (without having to leave the meeting screen). Just wanted this to be clear so that nobody else gets the run around.

@EdT thank you for pointing this out and none the less thank you @ChristianJBergstrom for the tipp to create a poll within the channel in which the channel meeting will take place. It's different from creating it within the channel meeting itself but I hadn't thought of it, so all good. A bit confusing none the less that Microsoft never manages to add features truly everywhere but does this patchwork kind of stuff. Still happy with Teams and Forms though and with the tech community also ^_^

@Marian Erik Dobesch @EdT I was in a hurry, what I posted above is a "workaround" yes. But you can actually either create that in the channel posts, or in the channel meeting chat as shown below.




Or simply just go to and create and copy the Form link and paste that. Will direct out of Teams though.


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Hi Christian, is there any ETA on having Polls available in "Channel Meetings"?  Thanks!  Andreas

I am also curious if and when the live polls will become available in channel meetings Christian. I tried to check or vote on this item in uservoice, but the item does not seem to have survived the transition to the new feedback portal.

I was so happy with the live polls and I wanted to use them in my big sessions, but I can't because we use a channel meeting :( The poll in the chat is nowhere near as user friendly and does not have the new word cloud option... But I am glad that you told us in this thread that it just is not available yet, because now I know what's going on... So thank you very much!

@Frédérique Harmsze 


yes, this feature has been missing for way too long in channel meetings. There are other new tools coming to meetings that we are missing out on. The new dynamic Word Clouds are a great feature for interactive meetings, as is the Q & A feature, but these are also not available in Teams channel meetings.


Has this been taken off the roadmap? 

@Rebbecca @NathalieThiel 

No, Rebbecca, that's incorrect information. That uservoice post states that they are adding polling to "Live Events". Not to channel meetings. 

There once was a uservoice item that stated Microsoft was possibly going to look into including integrated polling in channel meetings, but the link to that item has since been broken and lost. Pretty dissappointed with that.

Yes, I am pretty sure it has been taken off the road map. Any links that I had previously that pointed to this item have been broken. Communication from Microsoft is shoddy a best.


ok well the channel functionality was listed in the comments on that thread as well so hopefully they will take that in to consideration.  we definitely need it back.

@NathalieThiel I cannot do a poll in the desktop but I managed to do a simple poll via Forms on my iPhone and iPad in a channel meeting :) But I wanted to do a word cloud, but couldn't :(

great tip, I will try that! thank you