Poll results not working correctly - only one answer allowed

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When I am in a conference (in Teams) with my students and I create a poll using Forms. Every time a student answers, it erases the previous answers. So the results always show 1 answer with 100%. (100% (1)). I can see the answer switch every time a student answers.


What's going on here?

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Replies are user specific. If an answer keeps changing, then the same student is changing their answer - you don't have multiple students submitting answers. 

@Brad Groux 


I know that that is what is supposed to happen, but I garantee you, I have 70 students online, and alot of them are submitting answers. I have tried 4 times now, on 2 separate days in 2 separate conversations. If I go in forms, I see only the last answer from the last student to answer, everything else is gone.