poll app in Teams

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I am testing the new poll apps in teams. But it show not available to use. How can I enable in my tenant?




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Hello, oh interesting. I don't have it in any of my tenants yet. Could be that the rollout isn't completed. Go and look in Teams admin center under Teams apps to see how it looks there.
I cannot find the poll in team admin center.
Looks like its not fully rolled out yet. Just a waiting game.

@Mondas I am still seeing the same message as above when trying to add a poll to a chat/team chat

@Andrew Yam I get the following:


the "learn more" button leads me to this page

Bottom line, forms is the way forward. 


Agreed. Forms has now incorporated Polls. Guess this ticket can be closed.
That's the "Poll" app. There is a new "Polls" app that is based on Forms that was released by Microsoft.