Policies not making any effect

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I created teams for school and I want to prevent students to create meetings and other functions.

I have created, edited and deleted multiple policies on Teams Admin to do that but does not affect any functions on teams.

I added those policies to the students too.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

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Hi! So When were these policies created / applied?
It can take some time for them to be provisioned in the back end!


@adam deltinger  were created and applied this morning.. 5 hours ago.

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Give it til tomorrow and let us know the result

@adam deltinger  It is working now.

I have one problem now, the students have access to the calendar but can not see the scheduled meetings.

What policy is doing this?

Thank you


They should see their meetings and appointments from their Exchange mailbox in the calendar tab! Theres no policies to this.

Are the student using Exchange for mail?




Yes, they are using Exchange..


Edited: It is working already... but another problem popped up... the students dont have access to tasks.

Is it a policy?

Edited: All working.. had to wait for 1 day and all good now, maybe cache problem.

Thank you

@adam deltinger