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does exit plug-in for MS Teams, where I can do school attendance? I need to check the box by student name, if he is in class, and the see some sort of summary.

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Hi Kristyna,


Thanks for your email. I was interested in your question as I was a secondary school teacher before I was in IT.


There is an App you can add to Teams called Skooler




Skooler can show attendance, absence. It adds tools for managing your classroom tasks such as distributing weekly plans, assigning student work, grading, and managing parent communication. It also has gradebooks, rubrics, 


You can find out more here: https://skooler.com/in-the-classroom/. To note, that it is not free so there is a cost to this solution. 


If you are waiting for attendance tracking within Teams itself, there is a Uservoice request that you can add your name to here: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/599053-schools-and-universities/suggestions/19767967-tra.... With Uservoice requests it can be some time before Microsoft pick them up and add them, if at all. I have added my name to support this feature.


Hope this helps.


Best, Chris

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