Please provide a native windows client

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I like the idea of teams (for the most part) and its a much better chat solution than skype for business, but it really, really needs a native windows client.  The web/electron client just doesn't cut it and you need to do better.  I don't know if its just normal poor performance from javascript or if your code is just bad, but every version (windows, osx, and web) is equally bad.



The client freezes constantly and messages are slow or fail to load.  The search has a 50/50 chance to put your client into a frozen state that will persist across killing the process as it restores the (frozen) state of the application on next launch.  These kind of issues are made worse by the fact that the client uses so much cpu and ram.  That excessive usage could maybe be forgiven if the client was fast, but its not even close.


Please provide a native client for windows, outside the store, that contains no trace of low performance web languages.  


I get that you want to save development costs by having a single client and development framework, but its just so bad.  The only real consistency its giving you right now is its poor performance is the same across platforms.  Yay electron! 


And if you aren't willing to give us a working client, then give us a proper chat API so we can make our own.  

Everyone I have ever talked to about teams across all organizations and disciplines hates this client, but they all want teams to work as a product.  Please spend some time in making this better.



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I’m not experiencing the things you mention! The web client works rather good! There are some performance issues with the client and MS are addressing it , but it also relies on the performance of the computer itself


I have not used Teams enough recently to comment on your particular observations but this is more suited to UserVoice or possible AMA's (Ask Microsoft Anything online events, I believe there are some Teams ones in the near future).  UserVoice is one of the ways Microsoft prioritise enhancements and updates, for example, add your support to this suggestion, if you haven't already - Go native for Desktop or ask the product team in the next AMA perhaps.  Also, you could open a support ticket with Microsoft if Teams is seemingly defective in your environment and get it looked at.

I’ll ask around on the next AMA!!

This is a concern across the board and it has been improved drastically over time. SSD make a huge difference in Teams performance client wise, but I agree compared to other Team collab clients it definitely is trailing behind.
I think the innovations they are working towards in uservoice around popout windows etc. will end up forcing them to rethink the desktop client in some way but it's hard to tell. I've seen electron run well so it's not electron :P.
Microsoft hears this feedback often and it's one of the bigger things they know needs addressed, and since they just converted over their company fully to Teams, I expect them to hear about it a bit more :).