Playing music on Teams meeting (or Live Event)

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Have you ever thought about, what frequencies the current codecs (satin/silk) has been planned? Again, I end to testing this because users tried to share music over Teams meeting. And when I saw/hear the output, it was not so nice.


So I was testing pure frequencies and for that I found great tool: Online Tone Generator (Thanks to Tomasz P. Szynalski).


So it looks like the frequencies lower than 70 Hz are just cut away. From 70 Hz to 350 Hz codec is trying to do something for them, but sounds a bit challenging, assuming of course that it was not my workstation which limits this. But challenges on this range is quite interesting as human speak range is from 85 Hz till 300 Hz. And after 350 Hz till 3kHz the codec was working fine. And then new challenges start.


Of course, I need to say sorry for the codec, as pure sine wave is perhaps not the most optimal sound to be handled by it. There are no stops like regular speak have :lol:


But if anyone with better knowledge, has thought about if there could be better support for music as well? Or, if users could choose that now here comes music so give me wider range.


Is Satin already in use? And if not, will that impact to ranges somehow?

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Thank you for sharing with the community, @Petri X 

@Petri X 

You describe exactly what I have experienced. As soon as I'm sending music to teams, the sound is a disaster.
It would be nice if there would be a HD codec as well.

@Thomas Huth 

Thank you to reminding me, I was kind of forgot this pain as well :)


Need to ask this from Microsoft in next AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything).

@Petri X @Thomas Huth   There is a meetings AMA scheduled for Wednesday, September 30, 2020 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific Time USA.


Yes I noticed that, and I already have few question to them :cryingwithlaughter:


CU there! :)

Big thanks to @roman_frillarte, he pointed to me the auditorium mode on the pre-joining phase. That had big impact to the quality when playing music.


Produce your live event (step 2)


Auditorium mode.png