Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC can't end call in Teams

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I can tape the call button to open the Teams window, and I can tape the mute button to mute voice during the call. After I finished the call, press the call button in Voyager 5200 UC to end the call - it always failed and need to press the end call button in Teams.


Doesn't the Voyager 5200 UC support to end a call in Teams? Does anyone meet the same problem?  

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@di_xu Install the plantronics hub and the latest updates. In the plantronics hub you can choose teams as softphone. This will allow you to hang up a call. 

@TheM365Guy In the plantronics hub I have set Teams as softphone, and Teams had been updated to latest version (64-bit). No hang up a call function.

@di_xu You also did a update from your headset? I had this issue also - after update of the headset AND the BT dongle, hang up is working. 

@TheM365Guy yes, I updated them, Plantronics hub told me that all SW and FW were the latest versions.


Voyager 5200 - v.510

BT600 - v.1723

Hub - 3.19.0


Are the same version as yours?


Thanks for your help!


HUB: 3.19.0

BT: v1610

Headset: v667


Ok thats strange. I have a older BT version - but you have a older headset version, correct? For me it is working in this constellation. 

@TheM365Guy  yes, very strange. Let me wait for Plantronics's further update.


Thanks a lot for your help!

@di_xu You ever get an answer?  I have lately completely rebuilt my system and re-installed hub and I have the same problem.  pressing the call button on the headset no longer hangs up a teams call.  It previously did.  I have checked and teams is set as the softphone app.

@jguidera no, the problem is still there. I can't hang up Teams call via headset.

@di_xu To make you feel better, i am running latest Teams client, BT600 dongle and UC8200 headset with the same issue. 

Jabra loudspeaker on the same PC works without a problem.


Answer - works

Mute/unmute - works, however every 3 months requires to resync the headset to dongle to get it to work again