Planner sends emails for late tasks that have been completed

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I am a team owner in Microsoft teams for my business. 


Microsoft Teams sends me the "You have late tasks!" email to tell me that completed tasks (that have been marked as completed). [See screenshot].Microsoft Teams Screenshot 1.jpg



If I click on the link provided, it can't find the task it's talking about: [See photo]




Microsoft Teams Screenshot 2.jpg


And when I go into my Teams app, under tasks, it shows them as completed: [See photo]



Microsoft Teams Screenshot 3.jpg 




How do I stop this from happening?

Thank you for your help.

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No way you can stop this...late tasks e-mails are automatically generated and sent by the Planner backend. Best you can do here is to open a support ticket to report the problem

@STTRF_CariB I have the same issue. Did you find a solution? Thanks. -SK