Planner not working in Teams

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I've been using Office365, Teams, Planner for a while now. Been a few days that I'm unable to add a new Planner to a Channel. Every time I try to add Planner to any Standard Channel, it returns the error message "We couldn't save your tab settings. Please try again."


Contacted Office Support on Twitter and they redirected me to Tech Community. Please suggest.





Planner on Teams errorPlanner on Teams error

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@Samriddha Hi, do you experience the same behavior when using or is it only the desktop app? Have you tried a sign out / sign in manually to refresh settings? (top right corner).

Well, I think this might be related to the rollout of the Tasks App in the way, the answer provided by Microsoft support is not very professional imho

@ChristianBergstrom Yes, the issue is on the web browser as well.

I've signed out and signed back in; I've uninstalled and reinstalled Teams. Issue is still the same.


Planner not working on Teams on WebPlanner not working on Teams on Web

@Juan Carlos González Martín I thought so too. They couldn't help but they sent me across to the Tech Community. See here?


Office Support on TwitterOffice Support on Twitter

The issue is still on. And I have tried making a Plan from all possible options (web, desktop, on Channel, on my own space, etc)




@Samriddha did you ever get this problem resolved? I've run into the same issue.

@Samriddha @Jefe I'm having the same issue on desktop and web app (tried all ways to add new plan, but always same error as you). Did you manage to resolve your issue?

@andrewrose @Samriddha @Jefe I'm having the same issue.  Did this ever get resolved?



In addition to being the owner, you must also register your account as a member of the group. 

Typical MS for releasing without doing big fixes first. I assume there is still no workaround for this? All I want is actions for a channel. I also tried being an owner and member - it won't let me do this.

@CJster  One day, it just magically worked. I did nothing differently. Wish I had the silver bullet for you.

@Samriddha I've run across same issue.

From my troubleshooting, it seems to be related to renaming of a Team (or channel possibly, but definitely Team), and not deleting a pre-existing task list or task plan that was part of the original Team name. If you happen to leave a pre-existing task list/plan from the old Team name, then the app can't seem to resolve, as it runs into errors trying to find the original task list/plan (under the old Team name.) And it seems to also then cause problems with reinstalling or creating a fresh task list/plan.

I'm hoping there's a way to reset or remove that task list stored in memory, after the fact.

The only solution I've found is that I have to create a brand new Team from scratch, and then the Task app works again. But I don't want to have to do that with all my pre-existing Teams. 

IF anyone has experienced similar situation please let me know if you were able to resolve with the existing Teams (vs. creating a new Team from scratch.)

Found success with making sure that you're listed as not only as owner, but also as a member of that team/group.

I was just listed as owner in the problematic teams/groups. Once I added myself as a member as well (teams and groups in MS Admin center), I was able to add the tasks/planner app back in.

@okrrray  Having similar issue at the moment, but am unable to set up the planner app in tabs or channels. do you have any other suggestions.