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Request How to add a new plan from Planner hub.


  • I have a plan Template created with 90 task which recur every month. 
  • I copied the plan from Template and wanted to add the new plan to a Team.

When I am trying to add the new created plan from template, it does not show in the planner existing plan.


Planner issue.PNG

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@Rajat_Sahu so you have already had planner change to Tasks -- I'm a government client (GCC) so we still see Planner where you see Tasks.  It may be that because of this change to Tasks that it isn't reading the template - since it's not the same anymore?


@Rajat_Sahu I would agree with @jhubbard but also checking if the template is in a different Team? You will only be able to access Planners in the same team