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We use Planner to record repetitive tasks.  We use the Team Chat for discussion of how each unique task would "look" like.   Currently we are trying to insert a link to the task card into the chat, unfortunately the link from a mobile device is a log form sharepoint link, while on a desktop the link is just the Planner task name.  Some users have reported issues even looking at the Planner card via the link.  Since many users do their card and chat updates via phone, we are unable implement the plan.


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Hi @BradFromSalem

I have replicated this: desktop client finds the task. Mobile cannot find the task from the link in the chat. I have therefore raised a uservoice

Would recommend voting to push it up the agenda. I'll put it on my list to take to the PG and if there are any AMA's in the future raise it there too. Uservoice is going away at some point, but raising this now will mean it should be taken over to the new system in the future. This would be a nice add to enhance the consistency in the Teams Clients

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for your response.  Please update me when a solution is implemented.  I have discovered a potential (clumsy) work around, which is to use the link in our team email via outlook.  Certainly, not optimal