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I'm new to Planner for Teams so forgive my basic question if the answer is simple.


I'm trying to use Planner as a Product Development Roadmap tool, and show photos of upcoming products, their launch dates and other relevant information.  My problem is, as I add more 'cards' and 'buckets', a scroll bar appears where I can only scroll up and down.  Ideally I'd like to reduce the size of the 'card', view them side by side within the same 'bucket', or be able to view all products on a single 'full-screen' without the need to scroll.


Are any of these options available?


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@DavidLocke I know of no way to manipulate this view, but you can toggle to list, chart, or schedule  view if that helps at all?

Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 10.23.52.png