Planner charts: show tasks per team member only when the member actually HAS some tasks?

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Is there a way to only show members that have more than zero tasks in the "Charts" Tab of planner? Currently it shows every member of the team, even if the member has zero tasks in this specific Plan, so the members that actually do have some tasks are somewhere in the list but not easily visible without scrolling or zooming.


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I have opened a uservoice for you here

Would recommend you vote on it and get others to do so to push it up the agenda. Can see the pain in this one. I don't utilise the feature myself but would be awkward in a big team

By voting, you will also get to see changes if Microsoft do pick it up

Best, Chris

This is not a fix, but a work around if you just want to see what it should look like.

Right click on the chart and click on "Inspect". It will take you to the HTML element. There are two "Height" attributes that are fixed at 400px. Change these to 1000px or whatever number you need to show all the users.