planner app not working or not showing on Microsoft teams private channel

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When i add the new planner tab in my private channel it's not showing but it's shown in public channel.

We have already work on private channel so we need to require the planner on private channel.





vinay panchal

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Hi @Vinaypanchal2829

See article -

Currently, private channels support connectors and tabs (except Stream, Planner, and Forms). We're working on full apps support for private channels, including messaging extensions and bots.

So it is confirmed as coming - but not here today

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

but currently what's the second option of planner, so we can use currently.

 @Christopher Hoard 

Only other option is to use in a standard channel, or directly in the planner app for members of the private channel

Best, Chris

directly in the planner app for members of the private channel mean what?@Christopher Hoard 

So either use a standard channel, or have the users of the private channel use a seperate plan in the planner app at

Hope that makes sense

Best, Chris

if i make a plan on this link which one you send me,after that it can shown in my teams web or desktop application.

or every time i will login to this link.




we need the planner app on teams private channel can you inform me the when the Microsoft will do this.
because of we have already work on teams private groups and channel but currently we need the planner application for task and planning of our project work.

please help and do the needful.
Hi @Vinaypanchal2829

Unfortunately I can't give you a time frame because I don't know. It is 100% planned and it will come into private channels but MS haven't given any specified timeframes. I understand it is frustration - and many of us share that - however, we can only hope it comes sooner than later

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Is there any update here? Its been almost a year since this post but I am still not able to put Planner or Tasks by Planner into a private channel?

I had the MS Planner app installed on my Teams channel all last Fall with no issues.  Today I logged in and Planner was gone and no longer available.  Why was it removed from Teams and not available anymore?  It was working perfectly beforehand.  @Christopher Hoard 

Have you done the needful Chris?



@Christopher Hoard is an MVP, he doesn't work for Microsoft, he's just a valued expert who helps answer questions from time to time in this forum. Microsoft have not brought planner to private channels yet, and I'm not aware of a firm timeline for it to happen.

@Steven Collier 


Are you creating the Team from the Teams admin console? Make sure that the Team owner is also a Team member. Use the M365 admin center or PowerShell (not teams admin center) to verify the owner is also a member of the Teams group


As of 30/06/2021 Planner/Tasks App cannot be added to private channels. Same applies to Forms. This limitation is confirmed in the documentation on private channels in There is uservoices open for both should you wish to vote up on them.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Actually you can, in the mobile app for example you can add it to the channel. Email notifications will even be sent out to those you assign tasks to. However the tab will not show on the Desktop Teams it seems so is ultimately useless. It only seems to show for the person who created it.


So it half works, in the typical Microsoft way, but is ultimately useless and documented to the contrary of reality. So yeah, Microsoft.