Planner app not accessible to members in the team

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Our team has a planner we just started to use for assigning tasks. However, when we try to add the planner app in Teams as a tab, it is not visible to many members. Only members who have tasks assigned to them are able to see the tab. Even if I assign a task to a member, it takes hours to show them in their Teams windows/web app.

For others, when they click on the post in the channel, an error is displayed that says "You do not have permissions to access this app" OR "This app may not exist, or your organization may have disallowed you from using it."

There is not policy blocking users from accessing the app.

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That's not expected, Planner Tab should be available to all the members in the Team
Exactly. Not sure the reason. Any license that should be assigned to users that are provisioned when we assign a task in the planner?

@Ashish Jain hello, did you find out a solution ? i have the same issue and no documentation found.

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@Ashish Jain I found the issue, I modify the apps permissions on to the Global policy, you need to "allow"  Microsoft Apps. 


Let me know if this fix your case also and mark as solution. 


Allowing all Microsoft Apps is a workaround that would work but the question is why the 'Planner' app is missing in the all apps list. At least for me :)