Plan not visible in Application but on the Web Yes

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I'm part of several plans but i cannot add them in the channel tabs on MS Teams Application. Instead on the browser i see them all


Any idea why?


Thank you

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Planner Boards and Buckets are Team specific. If you are trying to add a Planner Board or Task Bucket from another Team, you will not be able to do so. You can only add Planner items for the specific team that owns the Planner board.



I don't understand what is the point of Planner working like this.

If i can see a planner, make changes or do whatever i want on the web interface because i have permissions but i cannot do it on the planner app? 


the behaviour it is totally counterintuitive and useless.


This is a bug for sure. I cannot even see the planner i create by myself.



i find this very frustrating to say the least.

another thing i can't understand is why i can't search in TEAMS Planner

i have 20 projects and people assign tasks all the time, looking for a task to update is also a little of a pain.

i am frustrated that you can't 'complete' a plan, and have it achieved.


I otherwise love it, use it daily, but it has some bugs or missing elements 

Use it for small set of tasks not for projects :)
Don't even expect that somebody will listen to our complaints